Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Republic Day

26th January 1950 is one of the most important days in Indian history as it was on this day the constitution of India came into force and India became a truly sovereign state. The meaning – no more monarchy. India in spirit, became free.

I was in my usual morning walk around the ‘Five Gardens’ at Dadar, Mumbai, and was amazed at the patriotic fervour that I was witness to . A huge celebration at the garden (organized by the Laughter Club) consisting of senior and junior citizens holding the Indian tricolour and shouting chants of ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’(Long Live - the Indian State).More stimulating was the fact that there were more youth attending this year’s celebrations. This was a clear indication of the youth taking charge and taking over the mantle. A welcome sign, I thought.

There were no speeches but only action. People standing together holding hands and singing songs like ‘Saare Jahan Se Achha, Yeh Hindustan Hamara’(India is a great place in this entire world), ‘Hum Honge Kamyaab’(We will be victorious and we are confident), ‘Yeh Mere Vatan Ke Logo’(an immortal song sung for our soldiers by the melody queen Lata Mangeshkar which had our Late Prime Minister Pandit Jawarhlal Nehru in tears), and followed by ‘Vande Mataram’(I salute you – mother) and our national anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’( of Indian citizens and its states). Finally, it was of unfurling the national tricolor atop , and chanting cries of ‘Long live our country and its citizens’.

The uniqueness was when the national anthem was sung. People wherever they were in their morning walk stood at their very spot and vehicles too followed suit. This was amazing considering the hustle and bustle of Mumbai where everyone had their chores to do and were generally absorbed in their daily do’s and don’ts . Equally exciting was the numerous vans led by the youth distributing national flags, sweets, and serving tea and snacks to one and all.

Does all this speak about a resurgent India where the youth is ready to take over? Are these the first steps towards responsibility and accountability to build and shape India into a truly great country that it is? Does it have any connection with the recent blasts whereby the citizens have realized that it is action that matters? Whatever may be the answers, these are encouraging signs for a better tomorrow to which we can proudly and confidently look for.


Radhika Ganesan said...

Happy republic day ! As you said this is a welcome change...looking forward to seeing an India lead by responsible youth. Even i saw some school children performing on "Mile sur mera tumhara..."; It was a treat to my eyes.

Shraddha said...

This post made me recall how i spent my Republic Day last year..Being a NCC cadet i remember marching,singing the national anthem,reciting the pledge,singing the NCC anthem,putting up a small cultural programme and listening to the inspiring speech delivered by an Army official who had come as a representative of our 1 Mah Girls Batallion.
I was indeed missing it this year, as i finished my training and was just sitting at home when all of a sudden i saw a few people hoisting the flag and singing the national anthem. I was amazed to see the passerby's stop and join in the singing of the national anthem..despite the hustle-bustle..
The Indian spirit was clearly seen despit the number of crisis our country faces..Hats Off to our people..Jai Hind!!!

Ghost Particle said...

Happy Republic day sir. :)

Lazyani said...

Happy Republic day. It feels great to see the much maligned youth of today showing their love for the nation-- for in their hands lay the future of the nation.

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

Happy Republic Day.

I decided to give my children a different experience on the Republic Day. I took them to an interior village in Pondicherry to show how farmers are toiling in the field and show them how they struggle in life. I made them get into the paddy field and do some harvesting since it is harvesting time. They really found it difficult. The farmer was a retired Col and my friend. He told my children what patriotism, disciplince and hard work means and how it matters in life. After spending a couple of hours in the field we moved to a village where R'Day was being celebrated. It was difficult for me to believe that these children who hardly have a square meal a day were celebrating the R'Day with fun & frolic. I made my children watch the games which was full of physical activity (Kabaddi, Volley Ball, cyling etc). I asked them to distribute sweets to the village children. Since it was past 1 PM and the solar eclipse was nearing we rushed back home only after ensuring that my children enjoyed half an hour in karting.

Last night I was happy that my children discussed with me about my retd Col friend, Kargil war and the farmers instead of Jetix and WWF characters.

Jai Hind!!!!

Nair on Fire!!! said...


Happy Republic Day!!!.

I am in a great joy when i saw such a wonderful post of yours regarding our Republic Day.
This will surely add knowledge to those many people who are unaware about our Republic Day, Why it is celebrated? & such other things.

Sir, you can check my post too where i have mentioned one true story which happened a day before our 60th Republic Day.


Kavi said...

If traffic in Dadar came to a halt...well, thats something to think about !!

I hope this is a sign of things to come !

Good things that is !!


pramod said...

Hi Subbu the blogu ,
It took quite some time ,laziness , finally the curiosity overtook and logged in at your blog-land .
It was refreshing to hear you through your blogs ! especially picking up the small details in daily life .
I reflected am I so busy that I have stopped noticing things around me ? Why am I short of words / topics when it comes to share ?
Too much sucked into the daily rut to do tuk - tuk ! Or is it yak - yak !
So let me not only lower the guard , but disconnect with the connected , look at the nothingness , but to connect again !
SO IYER thank you for waking me up from my slumber !

Dewdrop said...

Its heartening to see such passion and fervour in the youth today... but the key is to sustain it on a daily basis in every little and big thing we do rather than limit it to specific days of the year

Aleta said...

Happy Republic Day! No matter what the culture or country, it's a blessing when children show joy and appreciation and responsibility for the love of their country. "Children are the future" ~ it's the truth and we hope a brighter future.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Radhika for visiting my blog.Keep coming.

Thanks Shraddha. A very interesting peep into your experience.

Thanks Ghost Particle. I reciprocate your sentiments.

Thanks Lazyani. Yes, rightly siad the youth have been perceived differently.

Thnaks Giri. A lot of thought in what you did for your children. Your children are lucky to have parents inculcate such values.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Nair. I have posted comments in your blog.

Thanks Kavi. Your comments make me continue writing.

Thanks Dewdrop.I do agree. It needs to be everyday.

Thanks Pramod. Nice to see your comment and very heartening. Its my previlege.

Thanks Aleta.I agree its all about responsibility. Future is with children.

priya said...

Very nice post, Sir. Nice to read about how this time round Republic Day did not turn out to be yet another holiday for the youth @ Dadar.

It's really really important that the youth take charge and clear up all the mess within before external forces take advantage of things as they are.

Here's wishing a more satisfying Republic Day next year on this front.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Priya. Nice to see back again.


In our college SIIB we had the republic day celebration.unlike on the day b4 15th August when we were asked to assemble near the main gate early morning, this time there was no such announcements made.but we found all decorations taking place for the event. but there was no notice given to us this time.
But on the next morning many of us got ready in our formals and assembled near the gate for the flag hosting ceremony.

I think it is this , what we call if not patroitism ,but a commitment or a sense of duty , a feeling of deep involvement , which comes without any compulsion and any rules and regulations.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Sananda for sharing and for visiting my blog.

June Saville said...

Hi Nsiyer
Thanks for visiting 70 Plus and Still Kicking. It's certainly interesting that our national celebrations are on January 26. The difference is that yours celebrates the departure of colonisation and ours the beginning (for us). I believe our nation should become a republic (it's quite mad that we still have an English queen). Then I think we should make a new date to celebrate. This would also take into account the sensitivities of our Aboriginal people whose suffering began on the day the British arrived - January 16 1788.
June in Oz