Saturday, January 10, 2009

Crucial Conversations

It was interesting to read Pearl’s post - on inanimate objects like a car speaking. This set a train of thoughts in my mind. What if the inanimate objects that we encounter everyday start conversing with us? Here are some of the conversations.

Mobile Phone: Speak softly and listen to deeply / Clean your ears and wash your mouth

Watch/Clock: Precious time is clicking. Don’t waste it / Stop watching

Spectacles: You are blind to a lot of things in life

Television: I am called an idiot box. But why are you watching me ?

Chair: You are warming me too much. Prevent sore back

Table: The clutter on me reflects you

Shoes: Save my sole and yours

Socks: Wash me, or use me to bring the dead alive

Bed: All that you do, I hear and see, and many a time feel

Bottle: Your life starts with a feeding bottle and ends with a saline bottle. In between, I am the coke bottle and the beer bottle

Tread mill: You seem to be throwing a lot of weight

Lap top: Whole day, I see you press the ‘get messages’ button. Can I report to your boss?

Bath tub: It’s only you who are enjoying

Stick: You should have got more of me. That’s why they say’Spare the rod and spoil the child.

My brain refuses to think any more. You may add to the list.


Kavi said...

Awesome imgaination.

My two bit...

Like the keyboard to the monitor : you hold up all what i get punched in on !

Like the tyre to the road : cant you smell better...

like the toothbrush to the tooth : can you ever learn ?!?

ugich konitari said...

Handkerchief to nose (being blowed) : Aai Ga !

Pen : "Ha! Kahlil Gibran was wrong. Your moving finger doesnt write; I do "

A picked pocket : The unbearable lightness of being....

Teacup being microwaved : "And you want to know what Global warming is ?"

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

Very good imagination.

Ganesh said...

Dear Sir,

Great imagination. Very nice post. Though I believe some of the imagined conversations with most daily use contraptions will not sound so decent given the way we abuse some of them.

priya said...

Nice creative post, Sir.

I'll try and think up of some too... :)

nsiyer said...

Thanks Kavi.Like the toothbrush to the tooth - fantastic imagination.

Thanks Ugich Konitari.The one about'being'has indepth meaning.Life is all about the 'being'.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Girivasan for the encouragement and compliments.

Thanks Ganesh. What you commented is so true. But the reality of what things can tell us can be threatening.

Thanks, Priya. Waiting for your comments.