Sunday, June 6, 2010

Just like that

I was talking to a friend of mine last week and we met after a long time. As we exchanged nostalgic memories, we realized how beautiful our relationship had been, and somewhere in between we lost each other.

This led me to think how many such beautiful relationships we have had since childhood. Some bloomed, some did not take off. Often I have heard that relationships made in school or college are often the more lasting ones and it is difficult to build such strong relationships later in life. Somehow, I have always felt a little differently about such statements. I have had some wonderful relationships later on in life too. I treasure these and the intensity of such have equally been strong. I have always felt that these have been enduring because I have always invested a lot in them, and have given a lot to it. And I think this is true of all relationships in life at whatever stage in life they may happen.

I think the secret is to be selfless and put in all that you have. Those lovely moments of laughter, joy, sorrow, sharing, learning, pulling each others’ legs, and being with those friends fully at those moments is really what matters. Those never come back, sometimes those friends part away because of vocation, finding other interests or even finding better avenues and more interesting friends. But the moments spent together once upon a time can never ever be replicated because everything in life has a context, and contexts change.

Suddenly while writing, a thought passes me and that is ….. why do some relationships become etched and become a part of you while some just pass and thoughts come back only once in a while. I realize that in such relationships there are no expectations and it is two entities submerging into each other and becoming one - sans earthly explanation.