Sunday, May 23, 2010

Time and tide never wait

I have been out of circulation for sometime. Some things small, some things big kept me away
I came across a very touching story. One for introspection, especially in the rat race that all of us have created for ourselves.

A little girl asks her father what he earned as salary per hour. The father thought it was not the right question to ask elders and he chided the child. The child naturally felt bad and ran away to her room. The father, probably on second thoughts, felt that there could be a reason for his child to ask the question. He went to the child's bedroom and found the child weeping. He asked the child for the reason and said ' I earn twenty pounds per hour.' He then found that the child had some money under the pillow and again questioned the child as to why she had hidden this money.

The child replied 'Dad, I have forty pounds with me which I have been saving. Can you give me two hours of your time? The father's eyes were full of tears and he hugged the child and profusely apologised.

Profound thought for introspection, indeed.