Sunday, July 19, 2009

What a shame ........

I keep quiet when the Christian nuns get raped,
I keep quiet when the environment and nature is rummaged,
I keep quiet when the Babri Masjid/Akshadam/Church is demolished,
I keep quiet, after a hue and cry, when Kasab and his brethren kill and set fire,
I keep quiet when the Dalits are murdered by the Hindus, Hindus by Muslims or Dalits, Muslims by Hindus and Dalits ,
I keep quiet when there is rampant corruption and it is nicely christened ‘speed money’,
I keep quiet when human lives are destroyed by ULFA, Naxalites, Bajrang Dal and such outfits,
I keep quiet when education is at the mercy of politicians who play their own fiddle,
I keep quiet knowing fully well I am the puppet and others incapable and incorrigible are the puppeteers,
I ask myself what would happen to my own children and the future generation if this continues,
Like me, do you also keep quiet?

Friday, July 10, 2009

Losing to Win

Circumstances do arise in life when sacrifices are essential, short term has to be compromised for the long term, or in relationships for the very basis of its sustenance, one will have to willingly give in. To me that’s victory of my humility over my ego. If this is achieved, I consider I have evolved and grown as a person.

How did I choose to write on this? I remembered the story ‘Babus of Nayanjore’ written by Guruji Rabindranath Tagore, and the lesson learnt after reading this beautiful piece. Succintly put, this is the story of a rich old man who lost all his wealth but still lived his life narrating the happenings of the glorious days. Not a penny in his pocket but made it appear to people that he was still affluent. Allowing the old man the space to live his life the same way till his heavenly calling came one day is what has been narrated by Guruji Tagore. A must read for one and all, and available if you google.

This story provided me the insight as to how one can respect the other’s self worth and identity without calling the bluff. The easiest thing would be to expose the individual and demean him. That would be the common way of leading life. But it requires a very different mindset to be otherwise and uphold the other individual’s respect and dignity. To my grey matter, this truly is human growth.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am back like the Mumbai Rains!

Wow, it has caught on. Finally, Lord Varuna (Rain God) has obliged to the many prayers of Mumbaites. It has been a pouring inferno, and once again the city with its bursting population has been seen adjusting and accommodating to this downpour.

Some things that I was an eye witness since morning are what I seem to be scribbling. Knee deep water and the consequent breakdown of cars and taxis and auto rickshaws. Some fretting and fuming and showing their anger through their blaring horns and glaring stares. Those affected trying to take help of whoever passing by. Street urchins demanding huge sums to push their vehicles and make a fast buck. The office going public running fast to catch slow trains which seem to meander only to stop. The good Samaritan tea vendors serving hot tea and providing succour to those stranded passengers and motorists.

But I also observe those who are just out to enjoy the rains with gay abandon. College going couples daring the rains and taking the opportunity to get closer to each other and in a way trying to create heat for themselves. The best are the school going children bunking schools because of their parents fear of Mumbai floods. A virtual swimming pool created by them , enjoying themselves in this heavenly deluge. Pushing and jostling one another with not a care in the world. The really small ones with their parents in toe making paper boats and allowing them to sail.

And me, enjoying all these with my wife sitting by the window sill sipping steaming tea with hot pakodas. What more can you ask on a rainy day and that too after having waited for the rains for more than a month.