Friday, April 17, 2015

Post Retirement Blues

I have been meaning to write for a long time and be a part of the blogosphere. Somehow for reasons known and unknown I have not written for quite some time. I had started my blog in 2007 immediately after my father’s death, and today being his death anniversary, I decided it is the most appropriate time for a new beginning.

Well wishers have been calling me post retirement on 30th March, 2015 and asking a lot of questions like how do I pass my time, whether I am feeling bored, whether I have taken up new assignments, and the like. Such things have been consuming my thoughts for sometime.

Bang on, last fifteen days has been amazing. I have enjoyed every bit of it. I have done things at my own pace, choosing to be lazy when I feel like. I have chosen not to do things that are monotonous and boring, though life does not always provide that.  I am calling the shots or so do I think.

Just taking life as it comes. Sometimes meaningfully, sometimes God knows what. Is it necessary for everything that is done to have a meaning and purpose or should everything have a defined objective to be achieved at the end?  These are questions that have  come up. No answers and utter confusion. Meaning/ purpose, means/ends and objectives/outcomes have been a part of corporate life. All these once again, sometimes I shudder to think. Or is it go by what the heart dictates, go with the flow and live every moment?

Questions to what am I doing have been answered with two words ”Meaningful unemployment”. A friend of mine remarked it is definitelyt better than “Meaningless Employment”. So, post retirement, the days have started with some yoga and walk. And thereafter, the tongue tingling south indian filter coffee that my wife prepares is devoured. Times of India, Mumbai Mirror, Bombay Times (wonder how  it has retained its name without a fuss for so long though Shoba De and Nana Chudasma had to face flak) and the Economic Times ensure it is 10 am. Thus, one has enough ammunition and garbage for discussions. The wife till now has patiently listened to my chattering

Breakfast, bath followed by prayers to the Almighty, some reading and writing and internet browsing prepares one mentally for that well deserved lunch around 130 pm. Listening to music, a movie selected without much ado and that beautiful afternoon siesta makes it 430 pm. Waking up but not getting up is a choice one can exercise to make it 5 pm. My daughter and my son have had their due share of contributions through their sharing of jokes and anecdotes to ensure that I have a ball.

A steaming hot tea with snacks which can range from biscuits to delicious dosas, idlis and pakoras (depending on how happy one has kept the missus) descend. The usual topics about reduction in weight, what Obama and Modi should have done, and how the world has got fast paced get discussed animatedly. Its usually 630 pm by then.

Having a good social circle helps and either one descends on other people’s houses or their coming over forms part of the evening. Of course! people have come home at all times and it has been fun except when someone distastefully comes during siesta time. The missus also ensures some house hold chores for the evening threatening that food may not be available if it is assumed things in this world come free. Adding icing to the cake has been the IPL at 8 pm. IPL can easily take you to bed time say 1130 pm and that too with memories of the scantily dressed cheer girls.

 If one is both a cricket and football fan, then literally one can be terribly busy.  TV shows, cricket and football matches and Arnab type shows can fill the day so much that one can be far more engaged that one is professionally. Wonder whether cricket in its various forms have been invented for the retired.

What more can one expect of a retired life when the whole universe in various forms is conspiring for you. Yes, it has been fun.  And  believe you me, I am gonna make the rest of my life the best of my life.