Friday, October 24, 2008

Missing you dad

The first post on this blog is in the fond memory of my dear father who passed away on 17th April,2007.

The musings of writing have often visited me but today it was irresistible. I needed to pen my feelings and out from the gut these flow. Looking back, life has been wonderful and the many people I have met have made it wonderful. The most wonderful people - my parents.

My father, a very loving soul, who lived by what he believed was right, and often he was right. A man who was sought by many for his counsel, advice and blessings. Continued to live life till his very last on his own terms, and steadfastly by his own convictions and principles. Ever ready to sacrifice his comforts which he always did and which came very naturally to him . A 'Gandhian' to the core that after his retirement in 1974 from then 'ESSO' and now 'HP' always sported a khadi jabba and dhoti. Had barely any wants for himself but would shower whatever he had on his wife and two sons and all those who visited him. Whatever may be the hour of the day, all who came home were cheerfully welcomed and fed to their heart's content. Unconditional love was his hall mark.

His day started wishing everyone good morning and addressing his wife' Aho Bhagya vathi Naari". They doted on each other for sixty four years till he bid her good bye when he was eighty eight. Imagine togetherness for sixty four years - an extremely loving couple who complimented each other in all respects. My mother, of course, was the erstwhile 'Bhartiya Naari' who never crossed the 'Lakshman Rekha' she had drawn for herself. Probably, seen in today's context, this was the reason that they unflinchingly besot each other for sixty four long years.

After retirement from HP in 1974 after 35 long years of service, he earned pension for another equal number of years as his service. So loyal was he to HP, that he insisted that my brother and I fill up petrol only from HP petrol pumps. He helped my mother in her household chores after retirement right from cutting vegetables to meticulously ensuring good 5 S at home. He maintained a personal diary which apart from mentioning incidents and people, also contained the daily expenditure of the household. There was never any day when his expenditure did not contain cash given to people who visited him and sought his blessings. He truly was born only to give.

So much has been his influence on all of us that his presence is always felt. He looks at me from his Heavenly Abode as I write this blog and whispers to me ' Go to bed, my son, its getting very late'.

I know he is always there for me , but I will always miss him.