Monday, April 4, 2011

Hmmmm - How beautiful??

It has been cricket fever throughout the world, more so in India. Cricket is played in every by lane, and for the last one month in every one’s mind and heart. India really played well - first beating Australia, then the die hard Pakistan team, and finally Sri Lanka - a great final(e) and dream come true. At office as everywhere it was always intense and animated discussions on cricket.

Discussions were on how Sachin, Yuvaraj and Zaheer played and also on how some others did not play. Praises followed by criticisms and suggestions were all one could hear. Many of us armchair critics responded to the happenings on the field with great √©lan coupled with little knowledge on how is at the centre stage with the whole world watching. But that’s what it is in this cricket loving country where cricket is almost a belief and a faith.

Here we were at office discussing the semi finals between India and Pakistan, and Sachin had just got out at 85. Disappointment looming large in everyone’s face, talk centred around what would happen in this crucial match and what fate had in store for India. The discussions turned so animated that many of us talked about how even being in a good position –‘ India had the ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory’, others were critical of Sachin’s shot, some others on how Dhoni was out of form and still some others of the impending defeat. Tempers were rising, and someone lamented as to how we could lose to Pakistan.

There was this young girl at my office called Pradnya who was listening to the conversations, and smiling at all of us. I was intrigued by her nonchalant look and remarked ‘ What Pradnya, what has Sachin done and what’s happening?’ Her reply left me blinking but more insightful. Admittedly, I became wiser and enjoyed the world cup final much more than I would have. Thanks, Pradnya for your wise words - 'After all it is a game, Sir.'


Sylvia K said...

Great post for the day and good to see you back!! Wise young woman! Helps to get a new perspective doesn't it? Hope you have a great week! Enjoy!


Shashank said...

a different perspective to LIFE.. thanks dad

Shraddha said...

Thanks Sylvia. Nice connecting.

Thanks Beta. I am happy you liked it.

Varsha said...

So true...its just a game. Good take on life this lady has!