Sunday, February 20, 2011

My uncle - my Appapa

An era of two sisters and two brothers has come to an end. The last of them, my uncle, breathed his last yesterday.

A very simple soul, who lived life straight from the heart and what he perceived things as. He operated life based on a set of values and principles dear to him, and rebelled against anything he thought was unfair. Simple as he was, he had very clear distinctions of right' and 'wrong.' Reflecting on how he lived, I have learnt a lesson that 'life is simple, but individuals make it complex.'

My uncle was a very affectionate, caring and loving human being with no malice at heart. Life was every moment to him, and his dealing with these bore a direct corelation to what his mind and heart dictated then. He would yell at me and spank me if he found me mischevous. But all that disappeared the next moment and he would shower me with chocolates or take me for a movie. I remember he had taken me for a basket ball match when someone pushed me. He was up in arms protecting his nephew. Spontaneity came naturally to him and that is who he was.

Though eighty, he lived life as if he was eighteen. Nothing unduly bothered him and he had the natural penchant to take things in his stride and see life as a sequence of events happening one after another. His love was shown through his anger, and all of us accepted him the way he was since he had no hidden agenda. He had a large circle of friends and was involved in a lot of social, educational and religious activities. As a mark of respect and condoning his death, the educational institution of which he was a founder has decided to close the school for a day.

All of us will truly miss him. While bidding good bye, he has passed on the baton to all of us to continue the rich traditions and values that he and his brothers and sisters espoused. I can only on behalf of the entire family assure him that we will leave no stones unturned to continue lighting the flaming torch. That, I guess, will be a true tribute to him. I will personally miss you, Appapa.

May his Soul rest in peace.


Sylvia K said...

I am so sorry to read of the death of your uncle and know there is an empty space in your heart now that he is gone, but it will be filled with the beautiful, wonderful memories that you have of him and in that way he will always be with you. Thank you for sharing your Appapa with us in such a very moving and beautiful post. Love to you and your family!


Debra L. Schubert said...

I'm sorry for your loss. Your uncle sounds like a fascinating man who left a great impression upon you and so many others. And now, through this beautiful post, he has left an impression on me as well. Thank you for that.

RGB said...

A wonderful tribute to your Appapa. May his soul rest in peace.

jabblog said...

This is a lovely tribute to your uncle. He has taught you well through example.

Priya said...

May his soul rest in peace.

AADEESH said...

I love you a lot dear grandpa. Will miss you.



I still remember the day he was diagnosed for colon cancer four years back and we decided to tell him about it because it was him who really had to face the deadly disease. When he was informed about it, he said it is okay now let us do what needs to be done. That really shows how strong a person he was.
He always lived for the moment and enjoyed every second of his life.
After his surgery for Colon cancer he had to undergo three cycles of Chemotherapy after which the oncologist said that there is no point in going with further cycles of Chemotherapy considering his age and with a prognosis of four months of life left. The family took a call, no more chemotherapy for him. He proved the doctor wrong; he lived for Four years without even normal cold and flu. That again reflects his internal strength to face the challenge and go beyond the physical ability.
Last two months was difficult for him as the disease relapsed and he got jaundice. He was bed ridden for last two months but during this time too he ensured that he supported us in our efforts to clean him up so he does not get bed sore. I am sure it would have taken lot efforts on him to even do this but he never complained and did what needs to be done. That definitely cannot happen without mental toughness.
As Ramani anna has said this was the generation (Periappa, Bada Athai, Chota Athai & Appa) which always had strong family values and we would definitely try to build on the foundation they have laid and continue to keep the strong family bonds. Missing you appa. May your soul rest in peace. Love you very much.

Sridhar said...

Very sorry to read about your uncle's demise.

Subha said...


You may not remember me, i have seen you while studying in SIES College.

Wonderful thanks giving to periappa i preume, with lot of genuine feeling this sort of writing, we will not see much in SMS age.


Varsha said...

Sorry about your uncle's demise, may his soul rest in peace