Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

I was reading a anecdote written by Bob Perks and thought it appropriate to start with my posts in the New Year.

"Time, faith and the love of my family and friends," he said. How wonderful. Somehow, from the moment we met, I knew we would connect. His response was perfect. His answer was mine.
It is that time of the year when we reflect back on accomplishments and failures. It is a wrapping up and an unfolding all in one.

The sentimental fool that I am keeps me deep in thought filling my days with mood swings easily compared to riding a roller coaster. Oddly, I love those ups and yes, even the downs. The happy thoughts remind me that life is good. The sad thoughts remind me that life is fragile. In the end I hope for more happy than sad, but still come out on top when the ball officially drops on New Year’s Eve, if I can at least find balance.

You may think this strange, too, when I say some of my best years turned out to be the years when I struggled, lost, failed and retreated into the darkness of that final night of the old year.
Job loss, car repossession, debt, divorce, a failed business, cancer in my family, death of loved ones, depression, all made life nearly unbearable. Still, the light of the new day, the new year, always seemed to be brighter than any other.
It was in falling down that I learned how to climb.
It was in losing that I learned how to win.
It was in struggling that I found strength.
It was in darkness that I learned to see again.
So, why was this man's response to me so perfect? This man had just lost his business. This man was struggling with finances, self-image, and hope. He was standing on the edge of a dismal past and desperately trying to see the possibilities in his future. Instead of dismissing everything as failure, he chose to acknowledge the most important parts.
I asked him, "If you could take something with you into the new year, what would it be?"
"Time, faith, the love of my family and friends," he said. "If I have time I can begin again. I can build again. I can start over. If I have faith, I know I cannot fail. If I have the love of my family and friends, I have purpose."


Amit Gupta said...

HNY 2011 sirji :)

saritha said...

Thanks for the wishes and happy new year to u and to ur loved ones :)

Sylvia K said...

So good to see you back!! Hope you had a great New Years! I love the wise words you've shared with us today. I particularly thank you for them at this time as I have some challenges of my own and it's wonderful to suddenly find encouragement and hope! Thank you! Hope your new year is filled with love and laughter and all the good things in life!


nsiyer said...

Happy New Year, Amit. Thanks.

Hi Saritha, nice to have come over.

Great to see your comments. I am happy that my post was useful to you. Take care and wish you success in your challenges.

Brian Miller said...

smiles. i needed this as i face and am coming out of a dark night of the soul.

Priya said...

Happy New Year to you and your family too.

Neha Phanse said...

So true!!! Its essential to experience the lit up and the unlit phases of life..... out of either one, helps to imbibe the learnings,keep one grounded and yes....become sensible and more lovable!!

nsiyer said...

I am happy this post could be of help.

Thanks Priya.

Neha, the lit and unlit phases - interesting

jabblog said...

We can all take something from this anecdote - thank you:-)

Sridhar said...

Nice post, Happy New year Iyer.Hope to meet U soon.