Sunday, June 7, 2009

Analysis - Paralysis Syndrome!

Always been wondering at how people worry about things that may happen in the future. They seem to be too much worried about consequences, when they really must be enjoying the present. Then there are a certain class of people who do not act imagining about undesirable consequences that may emanate. They remain where they are with just the fear that things may not turn their way. Then there are others who plan, brood and do not move an inch forward.

Application of mind is important so also analysis. Beyond a point, they lose their meaning. Too much of analysis , in my mind, leads to paralysis. Hence, over the years I have believed that ‘Knowing is knowing, Knowing is not doing, And doing is doing’.

In the above context, I am reminded of a story involving King Akbar and his lieutenant, Birbal. Akbar one night dreamt that his dearest horse was flying in the sky. He realised this was a dream but wanted to make it a reality. Next day, he called all his court officials and spelt his dream. He stated that whoever could make his horse fly would be offered ten thousand gold coins. The flip side was that if anybody promised and failed to materialize the dream, he would have his neck on the guillotine. Nobody was ready to make the dream come true except Birbal who stated he could. Birbal, however, had one rider and he informed King Akbar telling him ‘Oh! Majesty, it is possible except that it will take five years to train and make the horse fly’. The king was mighty pleased and agreed to grant him time.

After the court adjourned for the day, all the officials including Birbal’s wife were concerned at the absurdity of the promise, and reminded Birbal that his neck was on the guillotine. Birbal’s wife was in tears and pleaded with him to take back the promise given to the King. Birbal, intelligent that he was, told all of them – ‘ Who knows whether King Akbar will live for five years, who knows whether Birbal himself will live for five years and who knows whether the horse will live for five years. If all of them survive for five years, we will kill the horse. Just don’t waste your time and worry over trifle things’.

What say!!!


DebraLSchubert said...

Love it! I'm definitely one who doesn't worry much. It's useless and mind-draining. We've only got so much time here, so why not be happy and enjoy the present? After all, it's all we have and all we'll ever have.

BTW: I went to a birthday party for a friend last night. He's a sikh and it was held at an Indian restaurant. Since I'm a vegetarian and Indian is my favorite food, I couldn't have been happier! The dancing and clothing the women wore was fantastic! What a rich, beautiful culture.

nsiyer said...

Thanks and good you are back.FurtherI am touched by your comments on the great Indian culture.

priya said...

Very nice post Sir. A nice story from
Akbar Birbal folklore to bring out the point.

I agree that its not worth wasting time brooding over probabilities of failure or disappointments... it takes away the charm of the moments that pass by whilst doing so.

Waiting to read more of your blogs that draw a parallel from ancient Indian folklore.

Sylvia K said...

I love your post today! I have to agree with Debra -- I'm not a worrier either and it is indeed mind-draining. We should all make the most of what we do have in our lives each and every day. There is joy and beauty to be enjoyed every day and, indeed, the present, this moment is all we have -- make the most of it! Laugh, love, open your eyes to the beauty!

Sucharita Sarkar said...

Interesting post. I am a bit of a worrier myself, so I agree with the view that too much analysis leads to paralysis.

Kavi said...


to be present with the to be absent with the present !

And yes, who knows whats coming our way. The trick is to stay in the present. Easier said than done.

But that easier said than done, applies to life itself !


Ugich Konitari said...

Birbal , with his down-to-earth holistic approach to problem solving could teach us many things. But I watch in despair, as some highly "educated " types, misanaylze, , and cause a thought paralysis in others close to them, , remaining shamelessly stonelike themselves....

Maybe there should be an intermediate step of "channelize" ?

Ankit said...

Nice Post Sir

I totally agree but also feel that there is a very thin line between analysing a situation and over analysing it. We have to do things after doing some thinking but I guess it gets complicated when we think, think and think without any implementation.

But then sometimes doing notthing is the best thing to be done.

It all depends up on the situation.


Sandy said...

Loved this Post a Lot!! So nice to hear such stories...please indulge us with more!! And yes, we should all live and appreciate each moment..once it's gone it will never return

Thanks for sharing such Wisdom and Knowledge..

Much Love,

Sandy xx

sujata said...

great thought and a lovely story. I am quite a worrier, and even knowing that it has no purpose doesnt stop me from worrying..

nsiyer said...

Thanks Priya.Though we realise these, we still worry.

Hi Sylvia. I liked your line "Laugh, love, open your eyes to the beauty!

Thanks Sucharita for those comments. I also worry but can switch off fast because I get present to the worrying.

nsiyer said...

Hi Kavi. You have earlier enrolled me to 'to be present with the to be absent with the present !' I loved it.

Nehative energy, I guess, Ugich Konitari.

Context is important, Ankit, I agree

nsiyer said...

He Sandy, nice to see your comments and thanks for the motivation to write more.

Hi Sujatha, you can stop worrying provided you get present to the fact that you are worrying.

Greener Bangalore said...

WOW! Thats gem of a story.....never heard it b4.....thanks for sharing Iyernhigher.....

Aparna said...

I know it is futile but i cant help worrying.I guess i am still to learn from the song que sera sera... whatever will be will be.
A very nice post.

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I watch in despair, as some highly "educated " types, misanaylze, , and cause a thought paralysis in others close to them, , remaining shamelessly stonelike themselves.