Friday, June 19, 2009

Alumni Meet Grand Finale

Post the felicitation at the Alumni meet, Ranga, Pai and I mingled with our professors and chatted, reminiscing old memories.

One such conversation was with our lady professor who taught us physical chemistry. An extremely beautiful lady and continues to look so even today. We reminded her how her lecture rooms swelled with male students, and if at all there were absentees they were obviously of the fairer sex. She gave us a knowing smile (which we thought was too late in the day) which accentuated her beautiful dimples, and made us even more dumbstruck. Talking of dimples, I remember my good friend Kavi remark “ Many men make the mistake of falling in love with a dimple, and ending up marrying the whole woman.” We further reminded the smiling assassin, our lady professor, the unique way she adopted in asking questions during her lectures. She had this style of saying “Come on, come on”, and all of us back benchers literally stood up to march towards her unable to resist the temptation. We told her that after so many years we understood the term ‘Physical Chemistry’.

We then met our Physics professor who had this habit of throwing chalk pieces at the students after asking a question. We called him a sharp shooter since the chalk pieces always fell on beautiful girls. Of course! he had always had his way with girls and left a mark (chalk mark) on them. Arjuna of Mahabharata fame would have been put to shame considering our professor’s shooting skills. This professor, I remember, had once seen Ranga and me lean on one of the pillars at the college entrance. In his characteristic humour, he had shot back “ the pillars are strong enough, they don’t need your support”. It was his way of reminding us that we should be in the lecture rooms instead of wasting our time at the entrance. When we reminded him of this remark, he told us “ those were the days, but you students are the real pillars”

It indeed was amazing to recall these incidents and share it with our professors. All of us brimmed with happiness and joy , and we profusely thanked our professors for their contributions in building our lives.

Jai Ho !, Our Professors.


Dewdrop said...


It always feels great to visit and chat up with old acquaintances - school / college or colleagues from past orgs. :)

Hopeless Romantic said...

Nice, nostalgic reminiscences :)

Sucharita Sarkar said...

enjoyed your account of your college days immensely! LOL! Teachers did have a twinkling sense of humour and a razor sharp wit!

Sylvia K said...

Fabulous! Wonderful memories and what a great time to visit and catch up with old friends! I, too, had some great teachers that contributed so much to my university experience!

Really delightful post!

Kavi said...

Physical chemistry !! Sir, you have solid foundations ! :)

I wasnt aware that smiling assassins existed in a different human form earlier !


sujata said...

Loved the post. Meeting school and college professors is an experience in itself. Very Nostalgic and very witty.

SGD said...

Wonderful account of your alumni meet!

Viswanath said...


Are you are referring to Ranga who now live's abroad. If he is the guy please give my regards. Hope all is well.

While reading your blog I had painted a picture of the meeting in my mind. You write so well then the picture is very interesting and makes be recollect your meeting a number of times during the day.

What about the chemistry teacher who used to write capital letters and also the teachers in the physics lab and also the teachers who taught us Botany and Zoology.
remember practicals at 7:00 AM to llok at dead insects .

I am so happy for you guys. have fun and keep narrating it. It makes life interesting.

Yes; it is one of disdavantages of living abroad.

Sunshine said...

A wonderful description of an interesting alumni meet.

The concept of 'physical chemistry' and 'supporting the pillars' are everlasting signposts of an interesting college life which makes me believe that 'Some things never change!!!'

Reminded me of some very interesting moments spent with a close friend supporting a pillar during the XIIth board exams and that too to appreciate one of the many God's wonderful creations !!!

nsiyer said...

Thanks Dewdrop - its good you came over. Interesting!

Sushree said...

wow sir! din know this side of yours-that you too were one amongst us in your coll days. u just put me back in my college mood:) i think i shall call my friend now to reminiscence that golden era of my life!