Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Partners in Crime

My niece, Priya had decided to celebrate her birthday with hubby , Vikram, over a quiet dinner. The devil that Vikram is - he had tied up a master plan with my daughter, Shraddha, a bigger devil, to celebrate the birthday of Priya in a manner which was more of a surprise to her.

Both Vikram and Shraddha had sewn up a master plan whereby the duplicate key of Vikram’s house was available with Shraddha. Both of them had agreed that after dinner when Vikram brought Priya home, the house would be decorated and a cake would be kept on the centre table. All the other family members were told to assemble in the house and ten of us including my eighty old mother were seated in one of the rooms with all lights switched off. Thanks to mobile phones, constant encoded messages were exchanged between the devils to ensure that the plan was executed without any glitch. Vikram, of course, to ensure that Priya had no clue , had to pretend while messaging that he was involved in serious office work.

At around 1155 pm, we heard the noise of the key on the door and Vikram along with Priya came in. There was pin drop silence and the lights were put on by Priya who saw the cake and the decorations and was heard telling her hubby ‘ Baby, thanks so much for the cake’. By then all of us rushed from the other room and in unison sang ‘Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to Priya’. She was stunned and could not believe her eyes. She was so thrilled that she lost herself for a moment and hugged each one of us expressing her joy and happiness.

For all of us , this was a memorable experience, and for Priya – it was something out of the world. Indeed the plan was executed to a ‘T’, and I had heard of such things happening elsewhere We congratulated the partners in crime, the two devils, who left no stones unturned in ensuring an unforgettable experience and a great birthday to Priya.


Hopeless Romantic said...

haha..i hv done that myself for some friends - who insist on giving them this 'surprise party' :D

Happy bday to priya...enjoy !


Eskimo Bob said...

Awesome - sounds like a great birthday party.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, what fun! A fabulous way to celebrate a loved ones birthday!

My son did something very similar for me last year when he totally surprised me with a flight in a seaplane all around Seattle and the Sound. It was incredible! Thanks, brought back great memories!

Pearl said...

I love a surprise party!

Happy birthdya to Priya!


Kavi said...

Partners in crime..!! Thats a nice title. And ofcourse such execution is the exclusive preserve of the devil(s) !!

Lovely. Thanks for sharing. It gives us a benchmark !


Ugich Konitari said...

What a great idea, and I enjoyed how everyone, regardless of age (like your mother), and time, participated with enthusiasm.

About 30 years ago, I did this for my late mother when she turned 60, and secretly invited all her old college friends, She had a wonderful time meeting everyone. ....

My best wishes to Priya, your daughter and Vikram...

Vancouver, Canada said...

Happy Birthday to Priya!

Great to hear the party was pulled off without a glitch! Surprise Bday parties are the best and a memory for a lifetime with all the loved ones present nothing can compare to it..

Thanks so much for sharing such joy with us all sweetie :)


nsiyer said...

Hopeless Romantic, for me it was the first time. The expression on Priya's face is unforgettable.

Yes Bob it was wonderful with champagne and cake. And cake smeared on Priya's face

nsiyer said...

Pearl, thanks for coming over. I have conveyed your wishes to Priya.

Sylvia, I am happy I was able to rekindle fond memories. Your son was hust wonderful in taking you for a plane ride.

nsiyer said...

Kavi, you are always a surprise and me setting benchmarks is undoable.

Ugich Konitari, I have conveyed your wishes to Priya , Vikram and my daughter. Fantastic you did a similar thing for your mother.

nsiyer said...

Sandy, thanks for your endearing comments and have conveyed your wishes to Priya. Priya is coming over to view the post.

Sridhar said...

A great birthday party for priya. I could visualise. Shraddha's naughtiness is well known.

Sucharita Sarkar said...

What a brilliantly executed idea for a lovely brthday surprise.

TCGirivasan@Vasan, Puducherry said...

Being greeted by the loved ones gives boundless happiness. It is a thrilling happiness when it is done the manner it is narrated.

Everyone would remember this for rest of their life. When two of you meet elsewhere, you cannot forget talking about this.

Good idea and great execution.

priya said...

Nice simple post, Sir.

Surprises are always fun and welcome... and when you get surprised on your birthday... it's even more of a pleasure.

I'm sure this was one of Priya's best birthday moments :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

Oh what a smashing plan!! I do love a surprise party!!
That is wonderful that you all colluded such in auch master plan for your niece.
The love that abides in your family shines through in this post nsyier :)
Sorry I haven't been commenting much.but I have been reading. I have just been busy catering this month which is wonderful, but I'm very tired lately!
I loved this post.
Take good care and.......

Steady On
Reggie Girl