Thursday, November 27, 2008

Not any more, again!

What and how does one comment on all this? Creating terror, causing panic and spreading mayhem – what are they up to? What is the super ordinate goal, or what on hell are these terrorists imposing their faith on? What of those innocent victims who never expected the sudden turn of events, what of Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and Vijay Salaskar and others and their grieving families, and what of the police, national security guards force, army personnel and volunteers who going beyond the call of duty are ever willing to help at the cost of their own lives? What a contrast, but both these disparate groups claiming it is their call of duty.

This will also have to end but are we sure it will never ever start again? The impact of the residual feelings and the scars it leaves is indelible and unimaginable.

Some days back, I had read what Sardar Ali Jafri had to say – I quote – “ The war planner boasts that he can destroy everything under the enemy territory within five minutes”. He then adds ’what about the sixth minute? A great thought to hold. Will the terrorists be moved as much as I am?
Yes, I am mentally disturbed and shaken, but definitely not deterred. We need to offer our salutations to our heroes who disregarding their own personal safety have plunged to restore balance. A great lesson learnt from our protection force consisting of the police, security guards, the army and the many volunteers – it is ‘sacrifice before self’.


Priya said...

It is just unbelievable how it happens again and again in our country. And to add to it in this hour instead of standing together supporting the forces who are risking their lives for us ..we are getting comments like "it is a shame on our govt"
Anyone one of us could have been easily at one of these locations.I just pray for the safety of all those who are in there living in uncertainty.. and salute our forces who are at the forefront for our sake!

Seema said...

Extremely well written and I am touched.

My strong conviction is that this obnoxious lot needs to be decimated, and never allowed to raise their ugly hood again.

I pray to the Almighty for the departed souls and to give strength to their near and dear ones.

Kavi said...

Yes sir. Am with you. We need to get them. We need to get to action. We just got to get to an end.

We need to go beyond ! Am restless for action.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Priya, Seema and Kavi!

Yes! Kavi, let's get serious.

Anil Bejhal said...

Dear Colleasgues:

As we observe Thanksgiving in the US today, my thoughts and prayers are with our friends, colleagues, and tourists in Mumbai, whose lives are forever changed by the gruesome and senseless killings in the past 48 hours! The world has become a very unsafe place!

It is ironic that I had been thinking of the "Fear-Hostility" Workplace Connection this past week, and never realized that my thoughts would be a prelude to the tragic events now unfolding in Mumbai. While there are no parallels between the terror we are now witnessing in India, and a different kind of "fear and terror" that are pervasive in the workplace, both are extremely dehumanizing and serve to crush the human spirit. Ideas are like viruses; they can either transform thinking in order to do good, or so blind us that we cannot see right from wrong!

In prayer!

Anil Behal
ORGDYNE Training & Consulting, LLC

Babu Bhaskaran said...

These security personnel have given their lives and all the media can focus is on how lax their preparations were. This is like any other natural calamity. Media does not make big of all the successes that our security system gains. Haven't they heard, Terrorists have be successful only ONCE. This is that once out of probably thousand attempts. I salute you, Martyrs!

Pradnya said...

Dear Sir,very touched and feel so
forgiving a Terrorist should be left to GOD...But fixing their appointment with GOD is entirely our responsibility...Our Javans are the real Heroes who are on mission from last 38 hrs.They and their families must get good benefits from Government...Their share to our life is unmeasurable..
Really appriciate their parents who are gifted with such priceless asset from the Ultimate Maker...Proud to be the member of this Country..JAI HIND...

Mohan Prasad said...

Dear Subba ,

A very passionate connect you have brought about . It's quite disturbing ; to express the least .

What angers me is that we will hear in the newspaper headlines " Mumbaikers have brought the great city to normalcy.Salaam Mumbai".

Now this simplistic solution to a systemic problem is what is more hurting.

Can all mumbaikers learn to stay with their feeling of fear - hurt - disgust - anger ...till such time they collectively and together with the state administration find an 'all time solution/remedy to this malady'.
A comprehensive combat strategy rather than trial and error method born out of street smart brain waves.

We were caught with our uniform pants down ;whether at the naval entry point or at the hotel lobby areas or even at the city police levels .

Intelligence is being misused to gather vain information between polictical parties and in the process , compromising on national interest .

" Let's not recover till we are rest reassured " that's my appeal to all fellow citizens .

In this regard your article is an eye opener


nsiyer said...

Thanks, Anil.Its all about the human spirit being crushed. We will not relent.

Thanks, Babu.We need to salute the martyrs.

Thanks, Pradnya.Your'JAI HIND' says it all.

Thanks, Mohan.Yes, your lines speak of the whole truth - " Can all mumbaikers learn to stay with their feeling of fear - hurt - disgust - anger ...till such time they collectively and together with the state administration find an 'all time solution/remedy to this malady'.

Abhishek said...

You have covered almost all the aspects in your blog lets all stand up against terror.

Dewdrop said...

I just have one thing to say when I read the headlines in the press and see the live coverage in the media on these terror attacks - we Mumbaikars and the nation as a whole have become numb to these atrocities... My heart goes out to the innocent victims of this senseless violence. In the largest democracy, we are so inept that we cannot elect politicians who are less regional and more Indian, who put the country and its people before their individual gain. How many times will we hearr, after every terror strike, that the Center and the State had prior information on the attacks but did NOTHING about it... it is a shameful that the terrorists who attacked our parliament and were caught and convicted to the death sentence by the highest court in the country are still alive just because the politicians want to appease a certain community. One can just hope and pray that good sense prevails and we wake up to realise that enough is enough!