Saturday, November 29, 2008

Let's stop being divisive

Headlines in the TOI and the Mumbai Mirror reading ‘SMSes lampoon Raj and MNS stand’ and ‘Missing Raj Thackeray’ caught my attention. One of the TV channels also talked about Raj Thackeray and other political leaders attending the funeral of Late Hemant Karkare and gaining political mileage.

The media is losing sanity and without rhyme or reason slinging mud. I think we need to be just and fair. I have personally seen the ambulance vans of MNS at the sites of tragedy ferrying both the injured and the dead to the hospital. Where credit needs to be given , it needs to be given, whoever it is. Then why talk about lampooning Raj, and ask where was he missing on that fateful day. Why send an SMS – quote: “ Where is Raj Thackeray and his ‘ Sena’? Tell him that 200 NSG commandos from Delhi (no Marathi manoos, all south and north Indians) have been sent to Mumbai to fight the terrorists so that Raj can sleep peacefully tonight at Shivaji Park. Please forward this so that it finally reaches the coward bully’.

This is vindictive and more than that ‘truly divisive’. Do people expect Raj and his men to combat the terrorists? Can Raj not attend a funeral and pay respects? Why call this gaining ‘political mileage? Why look at everything with a jaundiced eye? Is it only the South Indians and the North Indians that fought the terrorists? Did Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte – all of them Marathi Manoos not do so?

I was taken aback at the degree of degeneration that has enveloped us. I guess the media is going berserk. A lot of responsibility rests on the media to keep people together, understand the public psyche, provide right and appropriate information, and not indulge in divisive politics. Degeneration is at its lowest ebb. I am reminded of what Mr. Gopalakrishnan, Director of Tata Sons Ltd had to say ” Degeneration happens over a period of time, and thereafter it is considered normal”.

I thought I should step in and protest, lest it becomes the norm of the day.


Kavi said...

This is where we have to got to sir. And it is time to take the U. We have been hurtling downhill and we have now hit the abyss with a thud.

Now, is the time to climb. You. Me. And all else. For the honour of the tri colour and the safety of our generations.

Its starts with us.

Yuvaraj said...

Dear Sir,

Congrats on starting a blog...earlier I tried to respond and probably wrote a whole length on my initial impressions about your first two my utter disgust, while uploading the contents whole thing got mixed up in registering and verification and finally nothing could be seen up and readable.....anyways !

Today I opened the blog realising that you must have penned something down on Mumbai incident. I was sure that you a South Indian, born and brought up in Mumbai,,working extensively with North Indians...would have the right thoughts on the sentiments for and against "Divisive People". Though with reservation I do agree with you to a great extent.

Today when we are bashing our politicians and coming out with rhetorical statements against system. Somehwere as an Indian we all also possess double standards and believe in talking more then acting....I was watching on TV all these celebrities talking about Security and safety..I was smiling reaslising that these are the ones who create so much of ruckus in hotel lobbies, airports when they are frisked or asked to establish their identity. These are the ones who are asking to BOMB pakistan without realising that these bombings will kill lot of our own fauzis who at the most will earn few candle lighting ceremony, banner headlines and prime time coverage on channels. I am sure none of these celebrities talking about bombing would offer themseleves to move on the borders or devote few months for Army training for their own and country's safety...

Finally, I feel extremely proud of having worked in Army and been event trained for Commando Operations....I understand how tough it would have been for Lt Col Sandeep Sen, my close friend and batch mate of army, who lead Nariman House operation successfully to handle operation in residential area....slithering down from Chopper on the terrace....ruptures your palm's skin !!!Hats off to Sandeeep and his men !!

See you again...

Viswanath said...

Subba you are 100% correct.

However; Mr Raj Thackeray should have sent a strong appeal to all in Mumbai to play a vital role and stay united. He should have requested all to rise up to this occassion as Indians. This would increased his status as a true National Leader. I am assuming he has been silent and if that is case Mr Thackeray lost an opportunity to excel. If he has not then I would love to read his message.

Love reading your blogs. Keep it up.


Dr. YLK said...

I fully endorse your views on this sir.

congratulation on initiating your blog and it simply great sir,

YLK, teacher

nsiyer said...

Thanks Kavi.'Charity begins at home'.

Thanks Captain. It is all about our leadership.

Thanks, Vichu. I do agree.

Thanks Dr. YLK - its nice to have your kudos.