Sunday, September 28, 2014

An amazing person was he

Sydney, my brother in law, left all of us on 1st September this year. It was too sudden and  shocking for all near and dear ones. Death lays his icy hands on kings, what else to say. Here he was  smiling and  laughing in the morning, and it was all silence in the evening. Yes, mortals have no choice but to accept since we have no armour against fate and destiny.

Sydney was just 52, my wife’s  younger brother, married to Deanne and having two beautiful children – Roxanne and Sasha. He suffered a massive heart attack and disappeared into oblivion.  A happy go lucky guy whose mission in life was to bring smile in everyone’s face. He was full of pranks and was liked by one and all. Whether it was young children or old men and women, he had his way of endearing to them and finding his way to their hearts.

Sydney was a family man and loved his wife and children dearly. He worked in the ship and hence used to come on long vacations after being out for a year. But there was never a day when being in some other part of the world  that he failed to ring up and talk to his family. He was a globe trotter and was supposed to be the best in his work. When back at home, he used to drop his wife to office every day, and without fail would sit with his children to take up their lessons. He was a passionate footballer and spent several hours at the football field. He was full of life and energy that his presence created an infectious enthusiasm in others. He had a lot of friends and if one walked with him, there would be many stops in between. He was so full of pranks that he would catch people unawares and frighten them by barking like a dog. He was always up to pulling everyone’s legs and everyone took it in the right spirit. This was because ‘pranks’ were synonymous to ‘Sydney’, and everyone knew he had no malice in his heart. Children loved him and it was not very surprising there were a lot of children at his funeral. 

The funeral was attended by more than a thousand people, both young and old. I heard several old men and women weeping loudly and saying ’Sydney, now who will fool around with us and make us happy’. Such was his personal mark on people. A lot of people had  several stories to narrate about his loving nature, his magnanimity, his pranks, his jokes and his light hearted nature. But above all what  stood apart was his help and support to one and all, and to all important causes.
Sydney was laid to rest but he is not the one to rest. Tears flowed down the cheeks of all those  present at the funeral, but knowing Sydney he definitely must be regaling and delighting the angels up there and giving them a wonderful time.

We love you Sydney and will miss you.  


Sylvia K said...

I am so sorry for your loss!! So very sad to lose a loved one and particularly when they are as incredible as your brother-in-law was!! Holding good thoughts for you and your family.


Samyukta Ganesh said...

My heartfelt condolences Sir. He sounds like a truly great and rare gentleman. My prayers are with your wife and her family.

nsiyer said...

Sylvia, hi! It s destiny.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Sam. I have your condolences to my wife.

Anna Grover said...

Words are inadequate to express how I am feeling right now. The very thought that you are gone brings tears to my eyes and my heart feels heavy every day. Your sudden death was a shock to the entire family and friends. We love you and always will. And the entire world will always call us as 'Sydney's Sisters'. So even if you have left for the heavenly abode, you will always remain alive in our midst. May God Cradle you in his palms and love you as or Mother always did.

Sandra (Sister)

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