Sunday, April 21, 2013

My good friend RS

A lot of us called him RS, and family members and relatives called him Bhai saab or Bablu. The children called him ‘Pappa’. A wonderful human being, loved by one and all and a gentleman to the core was RS. He passed away on 13th April, this year after a brief illness.

I knew RS  for the last 30 years since I joined Ambassador Sky Chef, and since then he has been a close friend of mine. He was dedicated to his work and proved the tenet ‘ Work is Worship.’ He was an engineer by profession and many of the hotels and malls that we visit, bear  his stamp of excellence. He worked tirelessly and his definition of excellence was heaven.

RS has a lovely family  consisting of his wife, Chanda Bhabhi, and three daughters, Pooja, Preeti and Poonam. RS always told me that he never had to worry about his family and the upbringing of the children because of Chanda Bhabhi.  But RS was a doting father and showered love and affection not only on  his wife and children but also his other family members and the fraternity. The number of people on his 60th birthday celebrations on 15th April last year bore testimony for his popularity and the kind of bond that he had enjoyed with one and all.  My wife and I attended the function and we were moved to tears seeing the warmth, love and affection that RS shared with his family, friends and other well wishers.  I recall RS dancing  and clapping throughout the function  despite his sickness.  

Now what was RS to me? A close friend, confidante and a great human being. He was the key figure and the friend instrumental for my marriage. I could rely and count on him when in need, and he was always one who asked whether he could be of help. And this quality endeared him to one and all, and I am aware he has helped a lot of people in living their lives. RS has left his footsteps on the sands of time. Footsteps that teach us how to live with humility, how to be of help and service to humanity, and finally how to spread love, warmth and affection.
RS you have been infectious, and as a tribute to your memory and life, we will  continue to live the lessons you have lived all your life. May Your soul rest in peace.


Sylvia K said...

I am so sorry for the loss of your good friend and this is a lovely post to his memory. I lost my best four-legged friend yesterday, so I can relate to your sorrow.

Anonymous said...

Dear iyer uncle thank u sooo much for the blog on papa was a wonderful feeling which can't b expressed in words...I feel extremly proud to b Mr R.S.Sharma's daugther he was a loving caring responsible father n indeed a great human being...he was very fond of u and has always mentioned u as his best pal..his beautiful memories will always b cherished not only by me but with each person he came across ..its a big lose to all of us..he will always b missed..This proud daughter Poonam..

nsiyer said...

Thanks Sylvia. Long time I wrote. This should keep me going. My condolences and regret at your loss of your four legged friend. They leave a vacuum, difficult to fill. Take care.

nsiyer said...

Dear Poonam beta,

Ask all in the family to express their sentiments so that these can be captured at a place.Your pappa desrves it.

Anonymous said...

Thank u uncle felt proud after reading the block 10 days have passed but we can still feel his presence around us because great people like him never go they r there by there thoughts and work when in world people thought they should have son my papa proudly said i have 3 daughters who r not less than son in life if i become a percent of what he was i will make him proud the space in my life what he has made i dont think can be fullfilled love him and can never ever forget him.preeti r sharma

Anonymous said...

Dear Uncle

There are no words which can convey what we have lost. Just not a word "PAPA" but a complete world is missing. Days will pass years will pass but he will always be missed. Nothing can fill the space he has left.

He was always a great mentor and my strength. Whatever if  have been able to achieved in my life is just because of his great support and love. And I know he will always be with me though not physically but his guiding hand will always remain with me forever

Though our eyes cannot see him bodily But I would like to avow that "Mr R S SHARMA" the man behind the implementation of successful projects of Ambassador Sky Chef, New Oberoi Towers{Trident], Hotel Regent{Taj Lands End], Mc Donalds, Hotel Renaissance Powai, The Inorbit Mall- Malad, The Cyclone [ Hotel Leela], Hotel Silver Plaza, and many more………… just cannot be missed he will always remain in front of us by the hard  work he has done for execution of such great developments which will remain for years to come.

He loved his work, he loved his people. He was a people man and will always be remembered in the same way.

I just pray and request all who read this blog and know him please post your thought as a tribute to him.

My sincere & humble thanks to all for your kind support & love extended to me and my family during the crucial hours of papas bereavement


Pooja Sharma