Monday, March 8, 2010

Questions Galore

I read this somewhere and thought it fit to publish on the eve of 'International Women's Day.' It's all about men and what training inputs they require and what training courses they should undergo.

Topic 1. How to fill ice-cube trays.
Step by step with slide presentation.

Topic 2. Toilet paper rolls: do they grow on the holders?
Round-table discussion.

Topic 3. Differences between the laundry basket and the floor.
Pictures and explanatory graphics.

Topic 4. Learning how to find things, starting with looking in the right
place instead of turning the house upside down while screaming.
Open forum.

Topic 5. Health watch: bringing her flowers is not harmful to your
Graphics and audio tape.

Topic 6. Real men ask for directions when lost.
Real-life testimonials.

Topic 7. Is it genetically impossible to sit quietly as she parallel
Driving simulation.

Topic 8. Learning to live: basic differences between mother and wife.
Online class and role playing.

Topic 9. How to be the ideal shopping companion.
Relaxation exercises, meditation and breathing techniques.

Topic 10. How to fight cerebral atrophy: remembering birthdays,
anniversaries, other important dates and calling when you're going to be late.
Cerebral shock therapy sessions

Happy Women's Day


Brian Miller said...

haha. too funny. us guys have a long way to go and much to learn...smiles.

Sylvia K said...

Subramanian, this is priceless!! What a great laugh! I love it! Would you mind if I borrowed it and of course give credit to you?? Hope you have a lovely evening and a great week!


nsiyer said...

Thanks Brian. Yeah we need to go a long way.

Sylvia you are welcome to use these, and make the world laugh.Have a great week.

PNA said...

:) wow brought a smile, I'm still laughing at certain pointers heee

thanks for the morning laughs:)

Dewdrop said...

This is one of the funniest list I've come across in sometime... :)

Roshni Mitra Chintalapati said...

these are really funny! Maybe I'll copy-paste them for my husband! :P

Preeti said...

funny !! guys also agree now that they need training ..:)

Aleta said...

Ok, these are really cute! I'd like to see some of those presentations. Lol.

Aparna said...

This was very funny. specially the one about asking for directions and searching for things. These two are the regular features in my house.

Samyukta said...

This one got a huge grin on my face:)