Sunday, February 7, 2010

Simply superb

Certain things that I read and saw in the media this week made me think, left me a little disturbed but for my own reasons made me happy too.

The first event was how film star Shahrukh Khan was threatened and accused for speaking his mind. He was likened to a ‘traitor’ for taking up the cause of Pakistani cricketers. I was even more disturbed when I read what Shahrukh’s son had to tell his dad. The son is supposed to have asked his dad after hearing the traitor episode – ‘Dad, are we supposed to leave India?’ What deep impressions and residue are left in the child’s mind? The reason - few irresponsible statements made by some few. But responsible statement made my Shahrukh.

The second was an advertisement on the television where a child tells his father that when he grows up would only ride a bicycle. His dad asks ‘why a bicycle?’ The child replies that elders are wasting fuel and not using it appropriately and that the world in a few years would be devoid of fuel. What wisdom!

The third, again an Airtel advertisement, which shows a tiger cub anxiously awaiting her mother’s arrival not knowing whether she would return. Then a gunshot is heard to communicate tigers are being killed. And then the punch line is shown ‘There are only 1417 tigers left in India.’ So much for animal conservation.

Finally, a news item stating that a bus conductor donates a part of his salary every month to ensure that leaking water pipes are repaired. What a way to impact society through water conservation.

Some good Samaritans always show us the simple way. (See link)


Enchanted Oak said...

I'm glad there are people like you in this world. Thank you for linking up with my Simple Things. Your post was thoughtful, and I salute you.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Enchanted Oak. It is people like who contribute to the cause and make us enable it in a small way.

Sylvia K said...

Glad you joined us! It does make one feel better to do, contribute something, however small to right the wrongs, to help those in need, to be there for those who need and love us. Thank you!


jabblog said...

There is hope still while people, young and old, use their brains and think for themselves.

Brian Miller said...

wonderful is the little things that make all th difference in the world...dropping over from EO!

Neha said...

these small things matter so much na if we pay a bit of attention..

wonderful thoughts..thank you for posting this..

June Saville said...

I'm certainly into simple things ... we are happier when things are less complicated and it's a road to having time and energy for that which is really worthwhile.
Good thing for the environment too eh NSIYER?
June in Oz

nsiyer said...

Thanks Sylvia. You ensured I wrote this and it mattered which is evident from Enchanted Oak's comments.

Thanks Jabblog. Small things but they do matter.

nsiyer said...

Thanks Brian. I totally agree.

I am in agreement, Neha.

Nice to have you on my blog, June. Thanks a million.

Anu...:) said...

Nice post.Yeah I agree...the Aircel ad was touching.And the news item about the conductor was really inspiring.
Wish we get to see more of positive news items!

Kavi said...

all types make the world. But the types that make a difference are the ones that create a future. make a few people think. And help them act decisively !

Thank you for sharing these sir. Very powerful !

Smita Tewari said...

Thank you for having the courage to stand up for human rights!

muthu said...

Simple things are what that makes the seeds of large things things to come....

dont you think so sir...

I am all in for simple things...

Anonymous said...

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Haddock said...

As for donating half the salary, there are still people who do things silently and they are the ones who are at peace.
Yes SRK's son's question is really disturbing and the same thing must be happening to many families when there is a "riot"
I still wonder why people don't take a unbiased decision when they vote.

Nishant said...

It is people like who contribute to the cause and make us enable it in a small way.

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Babli said...

Very nice, lovely and interesting post. Little things makes our life extra special.