Sunday, November 22, 2009

Mind your step

After my teaching assignment at a college and while walking down the stairs, I missed a step and fell down injuring my knee. My body weight and the weight of my lap top coupled together ensured that I tore my muscle severely. Fortunately it is neither a fracture or a ligament tear. The lesson learnt is : do not throw your weight around. I also understood that I always seem to be missing a step or just that step in life.

The surgery is scheduled in a hospital close home. The interesting part is that I will have to take a month's rest for full recovery. I am aware that I will pay a huge amount to the hospital for just missing a step. But I am now making plans on the things that I can possibly do during this one month hibernation.

Several of my office colleagues, friends and well wishers have been visiting me during the last week, and a lot of humour has happened around my knee. My boss jokingly remarked ‘ Iyer, now really tell me whom did you fall for? While another remarked that one of my improvement areas would be ‘being weak kneed.’ The last straw on my back was my doctor nephew terming it the ‘knock knee’ and telling me ‘ you missed a step, from now on live life step by step.’ My friend, Kavi, as usual, came up with the icing on the cake. ‘It is not in the falling down, it is in the rising up.’ Honestly, I have enjoyed all the fun that came my way, and am sure these will help me spring back on my feet soon.

Life has been interesting this last week with so much attention being showered on me and my knees. I am grateful to all my well wishers and my family for so much love and affection. To ensure an appropriate end to this post, this picture clicked by me at the Delhi airport says it all.


J P Joshi said...

Get well soon.... the humour sure helps and I love your attitude.

Came wandering around...enjoyed the post ... though not the unfortunate incident.

Sylvia K said...

Oh, Iyer! I too love your humour and your attitude! I am sorry about your knees -- I have two bad ones and wouldn't wish that on anyone, but I'm sure you will be fine with the surgery. I will surely be holding good thoughts for you. And, I will also pay more attention to the steps in my life!!

Look forward to seeing you back on your blog. And thanks, as always for your lovely comments on mine. They are always much appreciated!



Ranu said...

get well soon!!!

I just got out of plaster myself. But guess what you will have one month of time now to read, spend quality time with your family and blog!!! :D

Ugich Konitari said...

An early morning start,
he loves to teach,
and sometimes
the idliies
wait in desperation
as he bunks breakfast
to avid HR types.

Great lectures,
he shoulders
his laptop
and gets up to leave.
A deep
intake of breath
the aroma of sambar
tickles the mind,
of steaming coffee,
and a dosa
off a sizzling
aching to
reach the chutney.....

Reality is strange.
He certainly
comes down to earth
on the
well worn steps.

But life ,
unlike reality,
isnt strange.
He can now slurp
nectar sambar
and cotton-like idlies
ordained by the doc,
and fussed over,
by family.

in between sips of
filter coffee,
also blog.

This amazing news got the verses going. Praying that you have a successful surgery and get well soon, and return to the blog to tell us all about it....:-)

Hopeless Romantic said...

Get well soon sir, would love to see you back quickly ! :)


Samyukta said...

Praying hard for you Sir. Hope the surgery goes of successfully. And as usual loved your post and the ability to make light of the situation so sportingly! I think that is yet another amazing virtue to be imbibed from you. Please get well soon.

DebraLSchubert said...

Here's to your speedy recovery and a beautiful month off.

This proves you step to the beat of a different drummer, but perhaps you should stray away from punk rock for awhile. ;-)

Healing wishes to you, my friend!

Kavi said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery sir ! And yes, miss the call but never the step !!

And ofcourse..its not in the falling. Its in the rising !!


Looking forward to having you amidst us again !

Vivek Patwardhan said...

Get well soon, you cannot waste precious time of your life in hospitals.

As for the Knee-jerk reactions of people about cause of your fall [and they may not be entirely wrong in their analysis], we would rather enjoy a personal conversation on the subject than a comment on your blog. [I feel like putting one but somehow resisting myself].

Neha said...

get well soon sir...

but I genuinely found this post hilarious - the comments from your well wishers - amazing...and that image was the second icing on the cake..:)

tc sir...I will pray for your speedy recovery :)

Anu...:) said...

Get well soon! :)
Nice post! And nice response by your friends to your situation!:)

Babli said...

I am praying to God for your speedy recovery. My best wishes are with you. Get well soon. Take proper care of your health. Awaiting to see you in good health with new post as always.

Shefali said...

Wishing you a very speedy recovery, Sir. Also hoping you get to catch up on many interesting things and enjoy the rest period.
Best Wishes

Sridhar said...

Get well very soon Iyer. I like your humour. Will pray for your speedy recovery.

Yadayada said...

get well soon ;-)

Anuradha said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery! looking forward to having you back on the campus.